Wisconsin Republicans Delete Phrase “Climate Change” From State Website


  • a thought by bigraviolees

    Its time for mass revolt, the GOP steal power and when they have it they can take more. I am ready to get arrested fighting the red state pigs who have taken over Michigan

  • a thought by limpnail

    Walker is an idiot

  • a thought by MyNameIs Nunya

    I'm from WI, and can say our Republicans are almost as Retarded as MI republicans…. its too close to call lol

  • a thought by Voi Elämä

    What does it take to get rid of these oil barons? How much shit are you willing to do for the doom of your own species just so you could get few extra bucks.

    These guys are freakin BIOLLIONAIRES and yet they still want more and more. Fund the fucking green energy and get out of the oil. But nooooo, they want to keep everyone chained to their houses that are burning down. And America is supposed to be the world leader on climate change.

    I guess it has to take some kind of end tipping point with no return, half of the globe burning and most people starving to death, and these guys still could walk free among the people, just scapegoating on their own ignorance.


  • a thought by topfuel29

    It's already to late to do anything. We are in run away global warming. We have been for a long- long time now.
    Look at methane concentrations, and releases in the Arctic. We were at @800ppb now we are above 1800ppb.
    We are fucked, and they know it. That's why they aren't doing anything serious about the problem.
    All the IPCC models are extremely underestimated.

  • a thought by Bestoink Dooley

    2016 was an El Nino year so 2017 probably won't be quite as warm.

  • a thought by Bestoink Dooley

    HAHAHA. They think they can just make it all go away.

  • a thought by Roy Kliffen

    Crack down on the Koch brothers? …. how 'bout – once Trump is gone and REAL progressives take the helm – confiscating all the wealth of every oil-baron and their minions and use it to drastically transform the energy-production to renewables?
    Fuck them leeches.

  • a thought by Patricia McDermott

    Perhaps world events will override the Koch brothers attempts to move America backwards

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