SEO Expert Leaks His Formula To Be #1 On Google (and MUCH more!)


  • a thought by whitezeifer

    offsite optimisation, Difficulty: 10. ??? link building is easy af its just boring

  • a thought by Eugene Rusev

    Hello. How can i know if i can rank higher than a certain site, assuming i'm a beginner at SEO?

  • a thought by Keshaw Kishan

    total crap man..i thought there was something serious and unique … but ya its good for noobs

  • a thought by Qurqenstein Smith

    Thank you for sharing your secrets Mike, you are a great teacher! But you don't teach boring stuff, you teach valuable information we can actually use to benefit.

    I will need your help with SEO…

  • a thought by Mike Mind Media

    Loved the presentation Mike and thank you for showing us a sneak peak on how to actually rank a site step by step, really genius!

    PS: Your work room is an amazing place to be creative and generate ideas!

  • a thought by Mithun Devsi Das

    Awesome work and presentation. good sound knowledge on SEO 🙂 ThumsUp !!!

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